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tonyhTue, 11/06/2019 - 3:04pm

Many Cove residents are upset because of the sudden change of farming method being employed by two oyster lease owners in the Cove. These leases haven't been used for many years. We were not given any warning by the Aquaculture and Fisheries people of the intended escalation of farming activity. It seems that some water access ways are being removed and it would seem that the intensity of farming and the effective size of farmed areas will be significantly increased.

A letter has been prepared for the Director General of the Department of Primary Industries - see below....

Leaving is safest!
dougkWed, 05/06/2019 - 1:17pm

How do you like yours? Personally I prefer mine uncooked. My body that is. Being char grilled by a raging bushfire is just not my thing. I don’t want to become smoked ham or stewed prune either. So if the experts say it is unsafe to stay, I’ll be out of here. Early - so I don’t become car-canned bbq ribs. What about you?

The Black Saturday fires of 2009 were horrific. So many poor souls burnt alive; 173 perished, hundreds hospitalised. In ten years what have we learnt?

Well the experts have learnt plenty – but will...

janinerMon, 03/06/2019 - 8:43am

We have received confirmation from the Aquaculture section of the NSW Department of Primary Industries that the two oyster leases just off the residential area will be worked. In recent months several lines of floating cultivation have been installed. A lot more floating cultivation will be installed in the coming months.

Many residents have contacted the Department to find out what is happening. The Department prepared a written response for the Resident's Association meeting which was held last Saturday....

janinerFri, 31/05/2019 - 5:19pmA flock of little corellas in the Cove

In the last few years a flock of corellas have settled in Port Stephens. They make daily visits to the Cove, accompanied by a lot of noise. Last week the flock consisted of over 100 birds of "little corellas" plus three long-billed corellas. There was one tame little corella that unexpectedly landed on my husband Bob.

Corellas feed on grasses and seeds and especially like lawns. The long-billed species uses its upper beak as a digging tool and...

ChrislynWed, 29/05/2019 - 6:44am

Time to Clean out the Garage, what about that box of cans that got wet in the rain? NACRA is running a "Return & Earn" Bottle & Can Drive this Weekend, and we will continue the a Bi-Monthly Drive every weekend that a General Meeting Falls on. 

Eligible Bottles, cans & Paperboard Cartons can be left in the trailer at the Community Notice board on Booral Street.

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From SMH, 29 June 1918
susancWed, 11/01/2012 - 8:59am

North Arm Cove is a quiet little coastal village now but had some dreams been realised it could well have turned into a bustling port city. " The most central spot, where the new city is to be in the Great Port of the New Northern State. "

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