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June 11 Residents Meeting
dougkSun, 29/05/2016 - 11:28pm

The Saturday June 11th meeting of the Residents Association will have a little bit of something for everybody.

At our April meeting we had a Federal Candidates Debate between Peter Alley (Country Labor) and David Gillespie (Nationals). The June meeting gives Greens candidate Julie Lyford a chance to introduce herself to the Cove community and answer our questions.

The past month saw massive changes to local government in NSW including Great Lakes Council being subsumed within the newly created Mid-Coast Council. Former Deputy Mayor Len Roberts will outline to the community what is happening with the...

Some of the raffle prizes
Annie44Tue, 24/05/2016 - 4:49pm

The Stitch Gatherers Group were hoping that funds raised at this year's Biggest Morning Tea & Teddy Bears Picnic would at least equal last year's total of $1,550. How about a whopping $2,150 - that's an amazing amount for a small community and just proves that North Arm Cove residents are prepared to dig deep for a good cause.

Raffles and auctions helped to raise this record amount and a highlight of the day was the "Big Ted" raffle and weight guessing...

tonyhMon, 23/05/2016 - 5:52pm

In the coming weeks the NSW Rural Fire Service will be aiming to conduct a hazard reduction burn in the area identified in the Community Protection Plan situated to the west of the North Arm Cove Community Hall. This hazard reduction has taken considerable planning and is designed to help protect the community.

The North Arm Cove brigade will be responsible for implementing this hazard reduction, and will undertake a mail box drop in the near future to further advise the community of the proposed hazard reduction.

A further hazard reduction that was identified for Baromee Hill is...

dougkTue, 17/05/2016 - 10:20am

Protection Plan work continues at the Community Hall today (Tuesday 17) with workers busy completing the installation of window shutters. These special shutters, now being fitted to the windows on the western side, will reduce radiant heat exposure into the hall helping to make it a safer place.

In the event that it is necessary for any residents to take refuge in the Hall as a place of last resort, these shutters will be able to be wound down from inside the Hall.

dougkMon, 16/05/2016 - 3:03pm

Excellent news just received (Monday May 16) that the Hall Committee has been successful in its grant application for a Volunteers Small Equipment Grant. This will provide $5,000 for a "commercial" dishwasher for the North Arm Cove Community Centre

dougkMon, 16/05/2016 - 1:28pm

Statement by Administrator John Turner Mid Coast Council

John Turner has been appointed the Administrator of Mid Coast Council, which is a merger of the former Great Lakes Council, Greater Taree City Council and Gloucester Shire Council.

Mr Turner was appointed as the Administrator of the Council by a proclamation of the Governor of NSW on 12 May 2016.

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