darralltSaturday, 1 December 2018 - 11:16am

These are in no particular order and it's sure I have missed some !

  • Rare to have rain-water tanks exclusively for water supply and approved on-site sewage management in a coastal village.

  • Rare to have unspoilt bush subdivided into small blocks.

  • Rare to have such an impressive range of tree, bird and wildlife diversity, including some rare species.

  • Rare to have main access gravel roads through the blocks.

  • Rare to have a ‘First Nation’ Worimi indigenous site at the top of the Cove, approved by Council.

  • Rare to be so close to top beaches without the huge tourist pressure in summer.

  • Rare to have healthy dolphins, turtles, fish and aquaculture as part of the 980sq.km Great Lakes Marine Park.

  • Rare to have access to boat moorings in one of the most protected parts of Port Stephens.

  • Rare to have state of the art Community hall with stage and top quality kitchen, pizza oven, bbq, parking and a park for children and walkers.

  • Rare to have a top quality Tennis Court and volunteer Club responsible for booking (and it has night lighting).

  • Rare to have a thriving Community Garden open to all and supported by Council.

  • Rare to have a consistently high quality Cove News that has a massive readership and volunteer delivery.

  • Rare to have our own amazing Volunteer Fire Fighters with equipment and facilities right here protecting the village.

  • Rare to have a top notch local website with live engagement from a large number of contributors.

  • Rare to have many active groups from exercise to writing to arts and crafts.

  • Rare to have such an active volunteer Resident Association successful in many Grant applications and preventing developers destructive tendencies.

  • Rare to have an official S355 committee of Mid Coast Council responsible for many successful grant applications, particularly for the Hall.

  • Rare to have young families with children able to travel to school on a regular bus service.

  • Rare to be only 20 minutes away from a ferry service to the top holiday destination of Nelson Bay.

  • Rare to have all this and only 40 minutes from the (becoming international) Newcastle Airport.

Glad to be here :-)

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