idea Submission to NACRA meeting 1 June 2019


darralltSunday, 2 June 2019 - 8:03am

Original Burley Griffin plan

North Arm Cove – an idea submission to NACRA  1 June 2019

“Working together we will make a great place to live even better”

The ‘city-size blocks’ sub-division with no infrastructure means that conventional real estate development in North Arm Cove would be an environmental disaster.

The original Canberra-like plan for North Arm Cove by the same famous architect Walter Burley Griffin was beautiful but altered by Halloran real-estate into a high-density subdivision.

Images sourced from the National Library of Australia

The Halloran subdivision took no account of water-sewage-drainage and most trees would be gone if all blocks were developed.

The only way we can fairly and safely develop North Arm Cove would be through the self-contained, solar powered, composting toilet, autonomous dwellings becoming popular through the tiny house movement.

Architects and their students are very interested in Burley Griffin and our village plan is of historical significance. The students could be invited as part of a competition to design a range of tiny houses that non-urban owners could choose from.

All Midcoast Council would need to do would be to use some of the rates to supply money to regrade and upkeep the roads.

Dr. Darrall Thompson, Senior Lecturer, UTS Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building

99 Cove Blvd. North Arm Cove.

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