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On Sunday 23rd Sept. we hosted Kim Katon to talk about 'Researching Aboriginal Family History' - something we have been getting queries about but know little.  The talk was open to all interested members and visitors.

As a group we have varied experience in family research - ranging from bare beginners (like one of NAC/s newer residents Lorraine Zions) to those who have been researching for decades in the time honoured way (like our fab librarian Shirley Cox).  However Aboriginal Family Research is quite specific  and needs to be approached in a different manner.

We learned that we needed to take a different approach because of the traditional cultural differences and because of the historical treatment of our indigenous peoples during the decades of the "Aboriginal protection Board" and their policies re removing many fropm their birth areas to tribal areas not familiar to them - the era of the Stolen Generation!  This was a deliberate attempt to obliterate indigenous origins and assilimate them into white civilisation!  - Certainly views now considered archaic and horrendous.  However, in carrying out family research we need to look beyond this and research the history of the times and the minset of the perpetrators, to be able to follow the research trail and hopefully connect a person to their long lost origins - so important in Aboriginal Culture.  Some of members and guests who had been oblivious to this part of our history became quite emotional.

Kim gave us a powerpoint Presentation which can be accessed by both members and visitors alike in our research rooms.  She also commented about the amount of books and background information on Aboriginal history and stories which we already hold in our library.  these can be borrowed by members or perused by visitors in our rooms.

We are a general family research group (tracing ancestors worldwide) but but on this subjest the mindset of the day, plus knowledge of of the history & historical laws of the past can help us all understand how all this came about and how we can work towards further reconciliation.  For those writers in our community such knowledge can provide more authentic background to their stories.

We are hoping that Kim will be able to return in the new year to take part in our next planned seminar - she was SO interesting!  Our DNA & research topics at our seminar held earlier this year proved very popular.

COMING UP -                                                                                                                        13th October:  Myall River Festival                                                                                 Our research rooms will be open as usual & vistors welcome.  You are invited to discover what we are about & how we can help you trace just one interesting family member or to research your Family Tree.  We will also have a sale on Bargain Books & Bric-a-Brac - Cheapest in town!  [7am- abt,1pm]

Monday 5th November:  10am  WORKSHOP:                                                               Janine Roberts has recently received a cultural grant to 'Preserve & Promote MidCoast Council Community Heritage'.  Her project is 'Mid Coast Stories -  recording peoples' history in only 200 words'.  Come along, discover how you can contribute stories which highlight any heritage/story in your region and/or family.

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