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Clean-Up 2016


tonyhTue, 08/03/2016 - 9:59am
Members of the NAC Clean-Up Team

We knew Sunday, March 6th was going to be a hot and humid day. A good one perhaps for the beach or an air-conditioned pub/restaurant/living room.

Despite this, fourteen committed volunteers turned up at the Hall for an early start on the never-pleasant task of sweeping up the rubbish dumped around our village. And, once again, the job was done efficiently and without fuss or complaint.

On behalf of the community and myself as organiser, sincere thanks to those who helped, namely Sandy and Pete Chappelow, Mike Thorpe, Peter Freeman, Patty Moller, Pat Brennan, Doug Kohlhoff, Len Yearsley and Maria Pickles.

Special  thanks go to those people who couldn't be with us on Sunday and instead took time on Saturday morning  to  clean up along Goorengi Road. They were Susan and Ben Carter, and Sue and Phil Anderson.

My thanks also to the several 'regulars' who phoned me with apologies.


Tony Hann

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