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Work Planned for Oyster Lease OL86/140


janinerMon, 23/04/2018 - 1:45pm
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Oyster Lease OL86/140

We have been informed by NSW DPI (Fisheries) that they have been in contact with the lessee of OL86/140 and that the lessee will be commencing remediation work on the early morning low tides at the end of April.

The lease holder has indicated his intentions to cultivate OL86/140 and move away from post and rail infrastructure to floating basket cultivation.  This will require the removal of the vast majority of posts from OL86/140.  The lease holder has been made aware of our concerns about the impact overgrown clumps may have in the shallows.

NSW DPI compliance staff will be inspecting the lease towards the end of May as part of their triennial compliance.

If you have any concerns regarding this work, you can contact Graeme Bowley at NSW DPI on 02 4916 3845. Alternatively you can send me a message via the North Arm Cove website or at janine27reid@gmail.com.

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I wonder if the lessee would have committed to doing anything if it hadn't been for your persistence. Thanks Janine.

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