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janinerMon, 23/04/2018 - 1:45pm
Posts on OL86/140

We have been informed by NSW DPI (Fisheries) that they have been in contact with the lessee of OL86/140 and that the lessee will be commencing remediation work on the early morning low tides at the end of April.

The lease holder has indicated his intentions to cultivate OL86/140 and move away from post and rail infrastructure to floating basket cultivation. This will require the removal of the vast majority of posts from OL86/140. The lease holder has been made aware of our concerns about the impact overgrown clumps may have in the shallows.

NSW DPI compliance staff...

mpicklesSun, 08/04/2018 - 10:24am

North Arm Cove has been invaded by a large flock of the Little Corella. Vibrant, noisy, amusing birds that can be mistaken for White Cockatoos.

They have pesky behavior, trimming the new growth on trees, taking over the nesting sites of less prevalent birds like the rosella, galah, kookaburra and our Glossy Black Cockatoos. A couple have been busy in our neighbours yard working on a tree hollow that has previously been the goal of rosellas.

They can also be destructive to human habitats, destroying guttering, paneling and other things like tarpaulins and shade...

dougkThu, 15/03/2018 - 9:50pm

For the past two decades, usually just before the end of each Financial Year, Council has offered a bulky waste collection service. Sometimes, it is true, the streets of the Cove were not always a beauteous sight for several weeks with some residents putting their bulky rubbish out far too early. Others mistakenly put out items from the Council's will-not-be-collected list. Some of these rejected items stayed by the roadside for weeks afterwards.

tonyhFri, 02/03/2018 - 6:01pm


The Common Myna was introduced into Melbourne’s markets between 1863 and 1872 to control insects. It is now regarded as major pest - the flying cane toad. The Myna bird has been declared the second greatest threat to native birds after land clearing.

Once the birds are established, dramatic increases in density occur. One web site (below) gives numbers: “From one breeding pair, within five years they have the potential for reaching nearly 13,000 birds.”

As scavengers, they are a pest to fruit trees, especially fig, and raid soft fruit...

dougkSun, 04/02/2018 - 6:49pm

Just before Christmas 2017, concerns were raised about a canal - up to 16 kilometres long - being carved out of the 2400+ hectare former Australian Pine Plantation property off Viney Creek Road East. In an article posted today (Sunday 4 Feb) on the SMH website, Domain journalist Lucy Macken reports on a stop-work order being issued to the owner Phillip Lee.

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