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Get Ready Weekend


10th Sep at the Cove BrigadeMollerwSun, 21/08/2016 - 2:57pm

Get Ready Weekend is a Rural Fire Service initiative, designed to encourage home owners to prepare their homes for the coming fire season.

Information packages and members of the North Arm Cove Brigade will be available at the NAC Fire Station on Saturday 10th September to provide information and to answer any questions you may have, as well as to provide you with help in preparing your fire preparedness plan.

Please take a look at the information below.

By the way the Brigade is looking for more new active members to help provide this vital service to the North Arm cove community. If you are interested you can discuss joining the Brigade with the members on the day at the Brigade station or by phoning the Fire Captain Mark Lewis on 0447987933 or email mark.lewis@hotmail.com.

Don’t forget come up to the Fire Station on the 10th Sept to meet the troops, pick up a info pack, have a chat, might even get a cup of coffee.


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