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Ian Cook's Corner!dougkFri, 20/02/2015 - 4:19pm

Despite locating a massive bull-ants nest in the least preferable way and stumbling upon a colony of the Cove's largest snakes, Ian Cook has made significant progress over the past three months in the development of a village protection plan for the Cove.

Check out Ian's report below to see the proposals for: a Neighbourhood Safer Place at the the Community Hall; protection of the telephone hub; rejuvenation of the fire trails and the possible linking of the two ends of The Esplanade.

We are reminded that we all need our own up-to-date Bush Fire Protection Plans and...

Ian Cook's Corner!dougkTue, 02/12/2014 - 8:51pm

Ian Cook writes to the Cove community ...
On Thursday 20th November I met with representatives from Great Lakes Council along with the Manager, NSW Rural Fire Service Customer Service Centre (North) at North Arm Cove Community Hall. I imagine that the majority of the community knew we were there as we managed to activate the alarm, many thanks to Doug for his quick response ...

dougkMon, 27/10/2014 - 10:18pm

Attached to this article is a listing of issues that were raised during Ian Cook's meetings with the various groups and residents of North Arm Cove. Ian has gone through each of the issues and looked at options available for research and then listed recommended actions for each consideration. Ian hopes that the community will agree that this process will allows a thorough and non prejudicial approach.

Ian would like to encourage the community to take the time to read through the issues and identified actions, and if they would like to provide any feedback to please email Ian...

schThu, 13/06/2013 - 4:58pm

At the AGM of the North Arm Cove RFS, held on 4 th June, Neal Cook was unanimously re-elected as President and Captain of the Brigade. In summing up the year, he said that it had been a relatively quiet one; however the Brigade had been called to assist with fires outside its area such as Gloucester and Dungog, and had also been called on to carry out a rare duty of pumping storm water from people's basements after the heavy rain in March. He thanked all members for their contributions to the effectiveness of the Brigade.


schTue, 14/05/2013 - 1:14pm

Twentieth Anniversary of the NAC Rural Fire Station.

The North Arm Cove Rural Fire Brigade will be celebrating the 20 th Anniversary of the opening of the Fire Station on 28 th September. Ideas on how you, the community, would like to celebrate this occasion are being sought.

Our Brigade may be small, but we are an enthusiastic lot, and we really want this to be a community event. So could you please put your thinking caps on and forward your ideas to Stephanie Hunter (Secretary) 45 Cove Boulevarde, or email shunter_nac@yahoo.com.au ....


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