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Bulky Waste Clean Up 2018


tonyhTue, 08/05/2018 - 6:17pm


From the MidCoast Council website:

28 May to 1 June

Place waste out on 26 May - not before!! 

Collection area - Nerong to North of the bridge into Karuah, Pindimar, Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest including all households in this area receiving waste services Monday to Thursday

Two types of waste in separate piles. Each pile no larger than 2 cubic metres, i.e a 7x4 trailer.

Remember - each pile must be no larger than 2 cubic metres and illegal items may result in your waste not being taken.

Pile 1 - Scrap metal and white goods (all metal items will be recycled):

Fridges* and washing machines*
Metal push lawn mowers & wheelbarrows
Empty paint tins (lids removed)
Clothes dryers*
Hot water systems (less than 260 litres)
Metal furniture

* Doors must be removed from household appliances and whitegoods, and individual items must not exceed 30kg in weight

Pile 2 - General bulky waste (all general bulky waste will be landfilled, so please try rehoming any re-usable items instead):

Furniture / chairs
Lounges (that comply with size limit)
Floor coverings
Vacuum cleaners
Pottery and ceramics
Small appliances
Foam mattresses (no springs)

Not Accepted - Please do not place any of the following items out with your piles of waste for collection - one unacceptable item in your pile may mean the entire pile is rejected. 

e-Waste such as computers, TV’s, VCRs, stereos, copiers, faxes and mobile phones
Wire-spring mattresses and bed bases
Commercial, trade, industrial or shop waste, eg. plumbing fixtures, water tanks and tiling
Tyres, wrecked motor vehicles, motor vehicle parts and engines
Building and demolition materials, concrete, bricks and panes of glass
Household hazardous waste, eg. paint, spray paint, asbestos, solvents, chemicals, cleaners and unwanted medicines
Lengths of material longer than 1.8m (excluding lounges etc)
Small machinery containing fuel or oil
Liquids of any sort including fuel and oil
Batteries and gas bottles
Recyclables collected in the yellow lidded bin, household garbage, and food scraps
Garden organics, timber, grass clippings, soil and stones
Treated timber, tree stumps and heavy branches
Hot water systems larger than 260 litres
Oil heaters
Glass including glass table tops and windows or sliding doors that contain glass
Fencing in large quantities and wire that is not rolled and tied securely

Please note - Waste items that are not accepted in the bulky waste clean-up can be disposed of at your local waste management facility.

Wire-spring mattresses and bed bases can be dropped off for free - for Great Lakes residents at the Tuncurry Waste Management Centre between 30 April and 8 June 2018; for Manning residents at the Buckett's Way Waste Management facility between 18 June and 27 July 2018; for Gloucester residents at the Gloucester Landfill (dates to be confirmed).
A maximum of two mattresses or one mattress and one base per household applies.

Free all year round:
Household quantities of paint, oil, gas bottles, batteries, smoke detectors, fluoro globes, electronic waste and fire extinguishers can be disposed of for free at your local CRC at any time.

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Thanks for the information Tony. I was wondering why so much waste was being left out. It sure makes the village look a mess with weeks to go before pick up.

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