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Defeating Fate!


jennylSat, 11/08/2018 - 8:30pm

Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Family Research Group celebrates National Family History Month for Australia & NZ on Monday 20th with a free talk -    William (Bill) Pearce - DEFEATING FATE:  How a badly injured fireman saved his train! - THORNTON - 4th December 1905  - (an ancestor of Bill!) "The Great Act of Bravery on Australian Soil"

Shop 3 /209 Myall Street, Tea Gardens    11a.m.  - Monday 20th August 2018
We are hoping for RSVP by Monday 13 August - Tea & Coffee available
Email: teagardensfrg@gmail.com

We are a local Voluntary Group - New members & Visitor Enquiries always welcome!
Whether you wish to research just one ancestor or start tracing your whole family tree we are here to help.
Some of us are IT literate - Others are not & research the old way.  BUT whatever! …. There will always be someone here to assist you get started! The kettle is always on!

Those who have 'done their own families to death' just LOVE giving assistance to new researchers!
Believe me - The TV shows make it look easy for those with money to burn - We can show you how you can do it much more cheaply!

Despite what some think - Our group is not only about Local Families - In fact our members are researching all over the world!  -  I would be a good example, as being a 1st generation Aussie, my Maternal research has been decades in Poland & on my Paternal line I have discovered a 200yr history in British India! ~ Our Group is working to assist All Researchers with their overseas research, as well as assisting those who discover Aussie colonial and/or convict ancestry, or an aboriginal connection.

Input from ALL FOLK - with knowledge re ANY country world wide is welcome!
Most (but not all) researchers are of retirement age - we wish to pass on important stories to our descendants.

Researching Family history is better for brain maintenance than playing Sudoku! …. Why? …. Because the results have value for our descendants! …. Sudoku puzzle results just get tipped!

N.B: Current digital storage, which many are now relying on (CDs, USB sticks etc) Will not be able to be read by future machines unless this data is updated every year!  Your kids may inherit stacks of digital family records & photos they will not be able to access! …. This is the updated thought of experts, many who now say hard copy records will be very important in the future...…….. Just as the records written in stone centuries ago can still be deciphered!

We already have members residing in North Arm Cove  - More would be great! … Join us!

Jenny Little …… (personal email: jenanlozlittle@gmail.com

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