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Soldier on? dougkThu, 13/12/2012 - 2:42pm
Plague soldier beetle

After the rain over the past week or two, we looked out the window to see that sections of our lawn and garden had seemingly turned black. Closer inspection revealed beetles by the thousands, up to six deep in places.

My first reaction was to grab the pyrethrum. I feared that, with this massive infestation, our vegetable crops would not survive until harvest.

A more considered approach eventually took over from my zest to destroy. Armed with a description of our intruders (around 1cm - 1.5cm length;...

dougkSun, 09/12/2012 - 9:42pm

We can all be thankful that the Cove survived what might so easily have been a disaster last Thursday 6th December!

North Arm Cove was left without power for about six hours - thanks to the bushfire at the Rock. There was therefore no access to mains-powered Internet, TV or radio. No mains power for our water pumps. How vulnerable were we if there was an emergency? How prepared were we if a fire were to head our way?

Did we have a battery-powered radio tuned to ABC 1233? Did we all have our Fire Wise plans completed?...

dougkThu, 22/11/2012 - 12:59pm
From an 1886 souvenir programme

May 25, 1878 saw the premiere of HMS Pinafore (or The Lass that Loved a Sailor ) in London. It has proved to be one of Gilbert and Sullivan's most loved and enduring comic operas. Full of great melodies and witty lyrics, HMS Pinafore pokes fun at such things as class distinctions and the establishment.

May 25, 2013 - exactly 135 years to the day after its world premiere - HMS Pinafore comes to Hawks Nest!

Brian Jones writes ...

Don’t leave town on Saturday May 25 th or Sunday

Edda's winning hatdougkFri, 09/11/2012 - 12:09am

Whether you won or lost in the sweeps or best hat competition, everyone present had a great time at the Cove Melbourne Cup function.

johntWed, 10/10/2012 - 6:50pm

Could this become the most envied Men's Shed in the Country?

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