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Do you have old snaps of the Cove?


Bundabah Bay?dougkSun, 26/07/2015 - 11:39pm
North Arm Cove Newcastle Sun 1950 retrieved from Trove
North Arm Cove Newcastle Sun 1950 retrieved from Trove

In August 2017, the Residents Association will be celebrating its 50th anniversary! That will be 50 years of community members working together for the betterment of all of us. An achievement certainly worth celebrating.

To help the celebrations, we are looking for old photographs of the Cove and its residents. Do you (or perhaps past residents that you know) have any old photos tucked away in boxes or dusty albums? Any snaps of views, buildings,  people, events?  We would love to see them and use them if possible. If you do, please send me a message. Maybe you have some stories of the "old days". We would love to hear them too.

The grainy newspaper image above is taken from the Newcastle Sun 21 April 1950 and retrieved from that wonderful repository of Australian historical info: trove.nla.gov.au.

Number 14 in a series of aerial shots of fishing areas around Newcastle, it shows a few contrasts with what we  see today. (You do need to click on photos for a larger version to see the detail.) Fishermen called our Cove Bundabah Bay. There is not much development to be seen.  And there were fish in the Cove - and seeming plenty of them!

Compare the above photo with following image collage taken from Google Maps.


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