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Casuarina Renaissance

dougkTue, 16/09/2014 - 3:35pm

Once a central hub for many Village activities, Casuarina Park has in recent years fallen into disrepair and the once cherished gardens became overgrown and neglected.

But a rebirth is in progress. The Residents Association (NACRA), with the help of State Government grants plus contributions from Council and local businesses, has initiated work which will see this Reserve once again make a useful contribution to Village life.

Casuarina Park is located on Eastslope Way - on the western shore of the North Arm Cove waterway. Local businessman, David Read, and his team have been busy removing the old picnic settings and bbq which were broken beyond repair.

Soon you will be able to enjoy the new picnic settings they have been installing on our behalf - although it will be (at least for a while) BYOB: bring your own barbecue!


You will be able to sit, relax and soak up the atomosphere on the new seat that looks out over the Cove to the far shore.


If you wander further down the path you will see in progress the new kayak racks which have joined the dinghy racks that were installed earlier this year.

Soon, it is hoped, work will begin which will facilitate the launching of small dinghies and kayaks at this reserve.

Additional works planned by the Residents Association for Water St Reserve are currently on hold until the drainage problems there are adequately resolved by Council. The dinghy racks, installed at Water St at the beginning of the year, have proved enormously popular and significantly improved the appearance of that reserve. Like Casuarina, kayak racks are in the pipeline and work is proposed which will facilitate launching of dinghies and kayaks there too.

These projects are examples of what can be achieved by a Community working together through its Residents Association.





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