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Changes and Challenges!

Meeting 11 Feb 10amdougkSun, 05/02/2017 - 9:19pm

The first general meeting of the Residents Association for 2017 kicks off at 10am this coming Saturday (11 February ). We do hope to see you there at the Hall. (The airconditioning will be on!)

Since our last meeting in December 2016, a change of Premier has led to a reversal of the previous policy of forced Council amalgamations. Alas, this change of heart is all too late for us. The eggs have been too well scrambled.

Our forceful protestations last year - that a merger with Greater Taree (now referred to as Manning) and Gloucester would ill-serve the residents of Great Lakes - fell on deaf ears. And sadly our prophecies proved all too prescient.

Great Lakes ratepayers will continue to pay higher rates for the next few years - but can expect less service in return. Council's priority will be to address significant deficiencies elsewhere.

The State Govenment allocated MidCoast Council a one-off $15 million, supposedly to soften the blow of amalgamations. One million of that was intended for community projects and the Cove has been fortunate to receive nearly $48k from this source.

In this weeks Council meeting the divvying up of the remaining $14 million will be approved. The recommendation?

Once again, Great Lakes residents end up with the worst deal. With 40% of the population we will get around 7% of the "compensation" for being forced into a most disadvantageous merger.

All the more reason for our small village to have a strong local community association arguing on our behalf.

The agenda for this Saturday's meeting is attached below.

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