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Council launches Stormwater Management Strategy

Geoff & RondougkWed, 25/02/2015 - 4:12pm
Geoff & Ron
Geoff & Ron

At a meeting of Cove residents held on February 24, Ron Hartley (GL Council's Director of Engineering Services) and Geoff Love (Investigations Engineer) launched, for four-weeks public exhibition, a Stormwater Management Strategy for the Cove (attached below). The Council representatives fielded many questions from a keenly interested group of Cove locals.

Geoff Love explained how the main areas of focus had been identified. These were:

  • Eastslope Way between Merriwa & Casuarina Park
  • ~ 10 Cove Bvd
  • Water St
  • ~ 70 Cove Bvd
  • 80-84 Cove Bvd
  • 102-110 Cove Bvd
  • ~ 33 The Esplanade
  • ~ 51 The Esplanade

Ron Hartley explained that the total costing of the required work is conservatively estimated at around $600,000. While Council has allocated some funding this year and next, Ron explained that this funding is always subject to other higher priorities that may arise. The various Cove drainage works are therefore likely to be progressively implemented over the next four to five years.

At this stage full details of all works have not been finalised so there is still a real opportunity for locals to have their input before the conclusion of the exhibition period. Council has taken into account all previous submissions and endeavoured to address concerns raised but Ron and Geoff both strongly welcomed further input.

In addition to being available for viewing on Library days, printed drafts of the Strategy plus larger versions of the included maps will be available for viewing at the Hall  2-4pm 11/3 and 10am-12noon 14/3.

The following extract and the draft document below have been taken from the Council website.

On Exhibition
North Arm Cove Stormwater Strategy

Open For Comment : 25 Feb 2015 to 25 Mar 2015
Submissions To : The General Manager PO Box 450 Forster NSW 2428
Email : council@greatlakes.nsw.gov.au


North Arm Cove currently comprises around 280 established residences with an additional 157 undeveloped allotments adjacent to the village area.  Past stormwater management and construction has been limited, resulting in legacy issues that continue to cause problems for residents and Council alike. 

The North Arm Cove Stormwater Management Strategy has been prepared by Consultants BMT WBM of Newcastle and is currently in draft form for public exhibition and comment.  It investigates known problem areas and issues and aims to provide a comprehensive action plan across the village.

Community engagement is regarded as fundamental to the development of effective solutions to stormwater issues facing North Arm Cove.  Ideas and opinions were initially sought in a workshop held at the Community Hall on 26 September 2013.  This local experience and knowledge was used by the Consultant in the development of options related to seven problem sites across the village.  These preliminary options and related costings are presented in the draft document.  Recommendations include short term, long term and village-wide actions. 

Great Lakes Council is now seeking comment on the Draft North Arm Cove Stormwater Management Strategy. 

Hard copies of the draft document are also available at the North Arm Cove Community Library.

Submissions will be received until 4:30pm on Wednesday, 25 March 2015 and can be via e-mail, fax or in hard copy.  They should be addressed to the General Manager and noted: "Submission - Draft North Arm Cove Stormwater Strategy".


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