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Heros Bay Draft Management Plan

schTue, 14/05/2013 - 1:21pm

Heros Bay Draft Master Plan – Take Action Today!

Most of you will remember being asked to fill out a survey for Great Lakes Council, indicating the importance of Heros Beach to you, and what improvements, if any, you would like to see there. As a result of you submissions, Council has prepared a Master Plan for the Reserve, which is now on public display. Submissions for this are open until 20th June. There are two options shown which are indicative only, and can be “mixed and matched”. It is important that all members of the community have their say in how this public reserve is to be developed, so please take advantage of the opportunity to let Council know what you want. Details on how to view the plan are on the Cove website – www.northarmcove.nsw.au, and a copy is also posted in the notice board on the outside of the Community Centre.

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