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How to join the Association

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Through membership of the Residents Association ("NACRA"), residents can:

  • contribute to planning the future of our community;
  • participate in the development of community resources;
  • raise issues of community concern;
  • assist in lobbying of Council, governments and other bodies; and
  • strengthen our sense of community.

Much of this work is undertaken by sub-committees and working groups.


Meetings are held every two months in the Community Hall – generally at 10am on the second Saturday of every even-numbered month. The meetings allow you to find out what is going on and to have your say in the future of the village. Please come along and join us. Stay for a social chat and cuppa afterwards.


If you are a resident and not yet a member, print off the membership application form. If you can't find two members to nominate you, come to a NACRA meeting and you will certainly find some members there!


Without the on-going support of our members, our association would cease to exist. And that would be a massive loss for our village community.

Not just for visible things that can be achieved like parks and facilities;
not just for the many representations made to Council and governments on behalf of the community or individual members.

The most important role for our Association is us working together to develop:

  • community cohesion and a sense of belonging,
  • the shared "ownership" that arises from contributing to our community-initiated projects,
  • a collective pride in and care for the local environment and
  • a neighbourly community that cares for its fellow members in need of help.

So what we are really building is a healthy, vibrant, caring and enduring community.

And that is certainly something worth joining and volunteering for!

When people volunteer to work in this way in the interests of their community there can sometimes be a few naysayers who are ever ready to throw brickbats or even question altruistic motives. Sometimes you may even hear a derisive "Oh, they are only in it for themselves". Such comments are not only one hundred percent wrong but they can be unsettling and may even deter some people for participating or joining.

Fortunately we have been so lucky in North Arm Cove that our Residents Association has consistently achieved higher membership numbers than similar associations in many much larger communities. We are fortunate too that we have had over the years so many volunteers willing to serve in our Village through this Association.

We invite you to express your commitment to the future of our beautiful village and its community through your membership of the Association. Working together, we can achieve so much more.


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