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Rain and wind no deterrent to Community Celebration


dougkSun, 20/08/2017 - 9:40pm

On Sunday afternoon (20 August), after weeks of unseasonally warm and dry days, finally a little bit of winter arrived in the Cove - just as more than a hundred attendees were assembled by the Hall to celebrate the opening of our new park, the launch of the Cove booklet and the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Residents Association.

Brief patches of warming sunshine gave glimmers of hope that the planned outdoor activities might yet be achievable. But as 2.30pm approached another chilling shower sent all of us to the warmth and shelter offered by the Hall. Innovation was clearly now required.

A single candle now symbolised a fire. From the stage, representatives of the traditional owners of the land welcomed the Cove Community and visitors and greetings were exchanged.

Now we needed to somehow "open" the park on the other side of the road. The efforts of those who had volunteerd at working bees and as  individuals were acknowledged. We applauded the contributions to our community projects by R & J Burns Water Cartage from Pindimar and David Bye from Carrington. We expressed our appreciation of the significant contributions made to so many Cove Community projects by David Read and thanked Greg Tassel for his whole-hearted commitment to the Community Precinct project.

Council Administrator, John Turner, then declared the new park officially open. Later in the afternoon, between showers, John did cross the road to physically unveil the plaque that records the event.

MP Kate Washington took the stage and gave an entertaining overview of the Cove booklet (although she said it should be called a book!) before commending the contributors and declaring it officially launched.

A bountiful and delicious afternoon tea was enjoyed by all. It was a successful and enjoyable afternoon all round!

(Photograph: Darrall Thompson)

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Thank you Tony for the kind words. Yesterday was a true example of volunteers working together to achieve something wonderful for the Cove. A big thank you to all who did that extra bit and made it such a great day.

Judging by yesterday's turnout, we can be sure just how important people still see community involvement to be in our village after 50 years.
Meanwhile, I would like to give a huge thanks on behalf of everyone there yesterday to Kath Kohlhoff for the excellent provisioning for the day. So much effort in the organisation and preparation of food and drink. Very well received (and consumed) by all. A wonderful effort.

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