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Thank you Ian Cook, RFS


Now it is up to us!dougkSun, 03/07/2016 - 11:23am

Almost two years ago, in August 2014, Ian Cook wrote to our Community to introduce himself as our Community Protection Planning & Neighbourhood Safer Place Officer. He told us that he had been given the responsibility to work with us to develop a Community Protection Plan for our Village.

Ian explained that the purpose of the plan was to improve the community and fire fighter capacity to prepare for and survive bush fires.

The objectives were to

  1. Empower communities to make decisions and take responsibility for their safety by increasing their understanding of bush fire threats and providing information that will assist in the preparation of personal Bush Fire Survival Plans.
  2. Identify, assess and depict contingency options available to a given community during a bush fire.
  3. Identify, assess and depict the range of timing of treatments applied to a given community that are designed to reduce the bush fire risk
  4. Identify and assess people at- risk within a given community
  5. Gather and depict key information that will increase the preparedness of fire fighters for bush fire.

Over the past two years, Ian Cook has made dozens of visits to our village and talked with and listened to a significant proportion of the community. He has written numerous articles for the website and Cove News. Based on his detailed analysis of our needs, the terrain, past events and the potential risks, he prepared a Protection Plan. He argued, on our behalf,  the case for funding it.

The achievements are significant. Here is a brief list of what this work has delivered:

  • Creation of an Asset Protection Zone (APZ) to the Community Hall
  • Procurement and installation of a Colourbond Pioneer GT50,000L dedicated water supply at the community hall, fitted with 65mm Storz, regulation pump and back up diesel generator
  • Installation and connection of 3 fire hose reels to the Community Hall
  • Procurement of a Royal Wolf Mini Cube container to secure the pump & generator
  • Ember protection installed to the roof, gutters & sub floor area
  • Shutters installed to the windows on the western exposure of the hall
  • LED lighting installed into the hall
  • Mulching / slashing of the newly created APZ to the community hall
  • Road side vegetation management along The Ridgeway
  • Creation of an APZ to the Telstra facility

Undoubtedly, thanks to Ian Cook's considerable efforts, North Arm Cove is now a much safer place in the event that we are threatened by bushfire. Thank you Ian for this fabulous job.

But we must remember, as the first of the objectives listed above implies, it is now up to us.
Each of us must take responsibility for our own safety, be aware of the bush fire threats, and have in place our own personal Bush Fire Survival Plans.

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