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A warm and friendly NACRA meeting on a cold June day


susancSat, 09/06/2018 - 5:54pm



Saturday, 9 June 2018 at the Community Centre from 10.00 am


Welcome Present 17 members including 5 committee members.

Apologies:    Pat Brennan, Cheryl Yearsley


Moved  Len Yearsley                           Seconded:  Trevor Vandenburg         Carried

That the minutes of the meeting of 14 April 2018 be confirmed


            Business Arising: - nil



From/to                                         Re                                                      date

Gary/Australia Post                      Parcel delivery                                                      15 and 29/05/18

Gary/Dan Aldridge                        video Community meetings                                                      14/05/18

Alexandra MacVean MCC            Rolus Workshop                                                      6/6/18

Hon Brad Hazzard per K Washington/Gary re Ambulance                                                      1/6/18

Sen Mitch Fifiled per Kate Washington/Gary re parcels                                                      21/5/18


Moved   Tony Hann                             Seconded  Barry Young                     Carried

That the correspondence be received.


Business Arising - nil




4.1 Treasurer’s Report  Doug Kohlhoff

Doug thanked the Tennis Club for the $1000 donation towards the lighting project. A slight overrun because materials were more expensive than originally costed will be picked up by NACRA. Doug encouraged people to support the website sponsors because they are the main source of NACRA funds.


Moved   Doug Kohlhoff                        Seconded  Len Yearsley                    Carried

That the Treasurer’s report be accepted


Aquaculture  -  Janine Reid

The lessee of OL86/140 carried out maintenance of the lease on the low tides in early May.

Most of the internal posts were overgrown with oysters and many posts were breaking or

falling over. All visible internal posts were removed. The boundary posts are still there.

The problem with post removal is that only visible posts can be removed. The actual process

of removing posts reduces visibility in the water. The May low tides were generally in excess

of 0.5m and a good half metre higher than the spring low tides. This means that it is likely

that broken posts were missed. It is not safe to navigate through the area at low tide and

skippers should exercise a high degree of caution even at high tide.


The removal of the posts is a huge win for the community. The derelict posts were an

eyesore and a hazard to boating. Some people think that removal of the posts will help sand

return to the shoreline, but this is unlikely in the short term due to the extra silt going into

the waterway from land clearing both in the Cove and upstream.


We have been told that the lessee wants to put in floating baskets in place of the oyster

racks and long lines. This may end up being worse than the derelict posts as the baskets

would be visible all the time. We will wait and see whether this actually happens, what it

looks like and how much of the lease is used before making any judgement. Hopefully any

future baskets will look better than the existing small section of baskets at the southern end

of the lease. These baskets have been there for about a year and look like they were

cobbled together with recycled rubbish.


Fisheries were due to inspect the lease at the end of May to see regulations were adhered to.We have no information from this.Results of 2016/17 showed big mortality rate for Pacific Oysters.We don’t know the cause.


Trevor asked whether there had been anything washed up from containers lost overboard recently – Janine explained we probably wouldn’t be affected.


Fame Cove  - Len Yearsley

As scheduled, our Fame Cove Sub Committee net with Glenn Handford and Stuart Murray representing Tea Gardens Farms regarding rehabilitation imposed by Court Orders and Proposed Development by on the Fame Cove Site.


Glenn Handford advised he is to consult preparing strategic management plans and practice advice to Mr Lee (Tea Gardens Farms) for all their property in this area.His aim is to ensure all proposals for development exceed minimum legislative requirements and involve best practice standards to avoid past mistakes made by the developer.The day-to-day administration and management of Fame Cove and other sites held by TGF is not within his brief.


GIPA (Freedom of Information) material requested has been received from both Midcoast Council and Site R and D (Stuart Murray) via USB detailing Survey Data/Geotechnical/ Rehabilitation /Interim Soil Erosion Plan for the site. There are 20 individual reports 400 megabits of material.

Site R and D also request we not publicly release on mass these details as copyright and commercial confidentiality is involved. Executive committee members of our sub committee are considering this material.


Concept Plan for site not yet made available as earlier indicated by Brett Peterkin. It is not yet considered to be of substance, presently a working document considering possibilities only .  Decisions regarding development are yet to be made by Tea Gardens Farms and may be a further 9 to 12 months in consideration and negotiation with State Planners and developer before a worthwhile proposal can be prepared and the community advised Stuart Murray has advised D/A documents for asphalt roads W1/W2 (access to approved hilltop house site) and E1(eastern side of property Bundabah to Fame Cove house site) each budgeted to cost $6-8 million are to be lodged with Council within the next two weeks.


Questions were asked about the 30 m jetty which has been approved and Len explained it was for Mr Lee’s 30 m boat – not for our community use.


Reserves – Casuarina Park, Water Street, Heros Reserve  - Gary said the Parks’ Supervisor has measured for treated pine logs across the front of Casuarina Park and will also replace rails on the waterside.  At Water Street, the next project, the open drain will be covered - pipes have already been delivered.


Southern Area Reference Group – Gary Sylvaney

A new general manager is appointed to MCC, Adrian Panuccio, previously with North Sydney Council.His background indicates a very good fit with Council’s new directions, plans and structures.


From 1 July 2018 a new body will be responsible for all marine issues under Road and Marine one 12 month trial.This should streamline the current situation where multiple government agencies are involved.


Ferry times Tea Gardens – the service has become very unreliable.If you wish to catch a Port Stephens Ferry Service to Nelson Bay, it is wise to check that a ferry is running and a return service is available by phoning 0412 682 117.


4.6 Parcel Deliveries Gary Sylvaney

A further phone call to Australia Post Melbourne HO and Edgeworth Distribution Centre resulted in a call Friday 1 June 2018 from a senior manager who advised he was now looking at our request.He had googled our village and was surprised at the number of residences now.A full examination will be conducted to see what can be done to bring our parcel service up to date.The key issued for us is that the mail contract is classed as rural (ie parcels delivered to letterbox not front door) and costed on that basis.I am confident that a better arrangement can be found for our residents.


Our request for advice and assistance in this matter has progressed up the Ambulance organisation to a person responsible for CFR’s (Community First Responders).We are anticipating advice shortly.There are, however, actions we as a community can take in the meantime to help ourselves.They do require an acceptance by ourselves and community groups representing us that change is necessary.Currently First Aid Equipment is located in three places in the Cove.There is one basic kit with an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) on each of the two fire vehicles plus one first aid kit in the fire station.There is also an ambulance, fully equipped for medical emergencies, located part of the time, in the Cove which is not considered in service by NSW Ambulance for sound reasons and so cannot be relied on to provide assistance.My concerns are two fold – firstly we have a Community Centre designed and purpose built for gatherings.Should there be a medical incident where respiration and pulse have ceased, from where can we expect help? The RFS is nearest but by the time a crew is paged and can get a vehicle to the Centre around 8 to 12 minutes would have elapsed.This is much better than 24 minutes necessary to get an ambulance from the nearest station (TG) but again this is too long for the best chances of a full recovery.If, however, an AED and First Aid kit were located at the Community Centre, assistance could be almost immediate.We will continue to communicate our concerns and suggestions to the appropriate persons.The bottom line here is that the Community Centre is designated now by Council and Emergency Services as a Neighbourhood Safer Place.In the event of a catastrophic disaster such as a major fire where remaining residents are advised to gather for protection it is very possible no assistance would be available from within the Cove and therefore it is inconceivable that an AED is not available.


A new brochure has been designed, with input from many on the Committee and in the community, intended for distribution to new residents.Maria Pickles has donated special soaps from her collection and Bill Molller some jams and/or chutney from the Community Garden as part of the gift pack.Our thanks to you both for your donations. Community help is sought to advise the Committee of people moving into NAC who could receive a brochure and welcome gift.

It was suggested that a regular get-together be organised to welcome new arrivals but the cost of hiring the hall and supplying food/drink is usually seen as prohibitive.


Since our report to you on Council progress on drainage issues identified in the 2014 Report by BMT, the NACRA report on remaining issues was passed to Council of Friday, 4 May 2018.No response has been received nor expected at this time.A meeting will be arranged during June to follow up on matters identified.It appears work on the Esplanade has progressed to near completion and we understand Water Street is scheduled next.More details will be provided on the Website as they are known.If you have drainage issues not covered in our report, please let a member of your committee know.


4.10 Management Committee – Maureen thanked Gary for some excellent drone photos.She asked if the noticeboard at Urella Street that has be removed will be replaced. Gary explained Len Roberts has offered Council signage.

Maureen urged people to attend the Market Day on Monday, 11 June – there will be 16 stall holders and Christmas in July (28th) which will feature local band, Sage.

Recent expenditure has included $2000 donation to the Lighting project and Maureen urged people to use new car park.

Further improvements include some $1500 to replenish flooring in the facility, setting the back room up as a ‘bar’ thus reducing the amount of activity in the kitchen during large functions, turning the Library into a a games room, new lighting for the stage, and, if the Council supplies the paint, doing the whole building.


4.11 Non-Urban blocks – Trevor reported that there were some vagrants staying in the non-urban blocks.He thanked the community for not dumping rubbish and the Rural Fire Service which, he assumes, cleaned an area near Glen Innis Street with a back hoe.

Trevor mentioned his interest in the Rolus workshops.


Moved Len Yearsley                     Seconded  Tony Hann                 Carried

That the reports be accepted


General Business Petitions

1      Petitions – discussion about how to encourage people to sign petitions. (10 000 signatures are required for a matter to be addressed in parliament).  It was suggested that a box be set up to make it easy for people to respond.

2      Establishing projects and priorities  five replies received mostly from the April meeting. 

3      Volunteers – two new volunteers are being inducted/trained. 

4      Any other business Peter Chappelow raised the issue of a lack of Council response re unsightly containers and temporary abodes in the residential area– eg the two containers linked by a roof in Cove Boulevard.  It was suggested NACRA pursue Council further action.  Gary noted that following changes in the legislation, it is now not illegal to have a shipping container on a non-urban block.  Gary is concerned if such containers hold flammable liquids, they could potentially be a bomb.


Next General Meeting will be AGM:  Saturday, 11 August 2018

Meeting closed at  11.45 am

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