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Your Say on Project Priorities

Where are we heading?dougkFri, 23/11/2012 - 11:59pm
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There are many facilities, resources and improvements that locals would like to see in our community. (There are also various on-going activities which require commitment and local effort plus new issues arise from time to time requiring a local response.)

Not everything can be achieved at once. We need to focus our efforts on those things that are perceived to be of greatest need and for which resources and approvals are most likely to be obtained.

Your input, by completing this on-line survey, will help us identify which projects are considered most important.

Resources need to come from the efforts and contributions of community members like you, from grants and Council budgets. We compete for access to limited funds with other areas of Great Lakes or sometimes the whole of NSW. Obtaining approvals from Council and other bodies is sometimes not easy. So sometimes, even when we all agree that something is important, it may get stalled by lack of resources or approval. But we still need to be able to let Council and Government know how important we consider it to be.

Fortunately through persistence, hard work and gentle persuasion our little community has achieved significant success over the years. The latest project to be ticked off our list is the public toilet with work soon to begin at the Community Hall site.

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