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Collision Course?tonyhFri, 26/04/2013 - 2:45pm


Recognise this little junction? Vehicles coming from the Cove have the right-of-way when bearing right to go to the highway. Vehicles coming from Carrington should give way. Vehicles coming from the highway should give way.

NACRA has asked the Council to reassess the priorities at this junction so we can be sure that the give-way is set up in the best interests of road safety, but they say that the current signage recognises 'the appropriate restriction and should not be changed'.

But some in the village think it's a disaster waiting...

Do we need more like this?tonyhFri, 26/04/2013 - 1:55pm


It's easy to get lost in North Arm Cove. Many houses are in two long cul-de-sacs and its not clear which way to go when you enter the village. A vehicle can easily enter a wrong street and wander back and forth until the driver finds someone to give directions. Time is wasted. Turning can be very difficult if they go too far. In January, a van ended up at the end of The Esplanade (west) on the point of balance with its rear wheels hanging off the road's edge after...

siriusThu, 18/04/2013 - 1:47pm
Water Street Boats

Great news announced at the Residents Assocation meeting held last Saturday (13 April) that the Association has been successful in obtaining $25,000 in the 2012 round of the NSW Community Building Partnerships grants. This is the second grant received by the Association for North Arm Cove this year for works around the Cove!

The approved project will implement some of the Council-developed plans approved for the reserves at Water Street and Casuarina. To complete the project (works estimated to cost around $33,000), additional contributions will need to come from Council and from our Cove Community either...

Annie44Tue, 09/04/2013 - 5:09pm

New Agenda for General Meeting to be held on Saturday 13 April 10am at the Community Hall. The agenda has been revised to include additional reports.

schWed, 27/03/2013 - 10:29am

Following a recent letter from the Residents Association to Great Lakes Council, Director of Engineering Services Ron Hartley has replied, saying that Council is working on plans to upgrade the system. The first step in the process is to allocate funds, which should be commenced in the near future. Whatever is planned will be very expensive because of the shallow rock throughout the Cove. Anyone who has had experience with said rock will certainly appreciate the difficulty! However it is pleasing to know that at last Council is working towards improving the system.

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