Come on all boaters, tell us your tales
Of where you have travelled with wind in your sails

Tempt us with pictures you snap while you rove
And how does it feel when you're back in our Cove?

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On the water

petercMon, 27/02/2012 - 9:39pm

Welcome to the wonderful waterways of Port Stephens and particularly North Arm Cove.

A great many of us came to North Arm Cove because of the access, scenic quality and relative peace of the place and its waters. The north shore of Port Stephens offers great opportunities for fishing, kayaking (kayaks are a must have in NAC!), waterskiing, sailing or just knocking about in boats from canoes to offshore yachts. The increase in moored powerboats and yachts in the past 10 years has been incredible, and many of the owners are not necessarily locals, coming from places as far...

jaybeeMon, 29/02/2016 - 8:34pm

The second most important issue after the weather, when boating, is the facilities available at either end of your journey.
The destination of Lemon Tree Passage is perhaps the best exponent of this need on the Port Stephens waterway .
I am talking about the easy of how you get on & get off your boat plus the launching & retrieval facilities at both start & end of the journey.
Having just attended “Lemon Jam” music day at Lemon Tree Passage & experienced their new , almost completed facilities, I”m impressed.

Apart from good...

janinerTue, 11/08/2015 - 1:19pm

Changes to Recreational Crab Net Rules in Port Stephens

New rules came into force in Port Stephens in May 2015 in regards to crab trap equipment. Existing crab traps and witches hats must be modified to lower the risk of turtle entanglement.

Given the high reported drowning rate of turtles in Port Stephens and recognition of the estuary being important for turtles, a trial of new crab gear rules is being implemented in Port Stephens requiring:

1) Recreational witches hats to be modified so that the entanglement net is not inverted when set, that...

janinerTue, 11/08/2015 - 12:27pm

30 Jul 2015

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is looking for anglers to participate in a research project to reduce deep hooking among yellowfin bream, sand whiting, dusky flathead, tailor and snapper.

Led by DPI scientists Matt Broadhurst and Paul Butcher, the project aims to develop environmentally friendly recreational fishing gears and practices for NSW coastal areas.

"This research aims to use anglers to assess whether certain fishing practices and rigs, including non-offset circle and barbless hooks, can minimise deep hooking among some key inshore species," Dr Butcher said.

For more information go to ...

Dead turtlejaninerThu, 30/04/2015 - 10:03pm
Turtle at Port Stephens

It was the day before the Easter break and we had a lovely day out on the water with a trip to Tea Gardens and an attempt to catch some fish over near Shoal Bay. We were quite late returning and noticed a floating object close to the boats moored off oyster lease OL86/140. Closer examination indicated it was a dead turtle. I am not an expert on turtle identification, but I think it was a green turtle.

With the holiday period about to start, the turtle was a navigation hazard. It was very heavy and smelly and we...

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