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jaybeeTue, 08/08/2017 - 5:14pm

Like trying to solve all issues , we first need to be sure of where the blockage exists , then resolve the way to unblock it. CLEARLY the common blockage point for our Community to gain permission in order to be able to achieve construction is the CONSENT AUTHORITY which has blocked our efforts for so many years now. That Consent Authority has been the Great Lakes Council who now control the three Merged Councils that have become Mid Coast Council , still based in Forster .

schMon, 31/07/2017 - 12:46pm

Although i am now an ex-resident, I still take a keen interest in the happenings at NAC. As a boat ramp has been a No.1 priority for residents since Adam was a pup, maybe the time has come to take matters into your own hands. I suggest that NACRA appoint a person(s) to gain individual quotes for the installation of a boat ramp at Medina Bay. I have no doubt that the cost will be less that Council's estimate. When the new council is elected it may be possible to gain approval to go ahead, albeit with Council acting as project manager. Am I living in LaLa Land?

siriusSat, 01/07/2017 - 12:23pm

A dozen or more Cove locals endured the drizzly rain and the badly deteriorating Bucketts Way to attend last Wednesday's MidCoast Council meeting in Gloucester. The effort was wholly unrewarded. To suggest that the experience was underwhelming and uninspiring would give it considerably more credit than it deserves.

There were two speakers for, then two against the ramp recommendations. Council's attention though seemed focused on a fax. This came in during the speeches and advised that MidCoast Water was to be dissolved with effect from today (July 1).

jaybeeSun, 25/06/2017 - 4:23pm

With the latest Boat ramp report said to be going before Council on Wednesday 28 June at Gloucester & the recommendation (#1) being considered is “THAT NO BOAT RAMP BE CONSTRUCTED IN THIS POSITION” means that again Council has decided that this waterfront location & in fact all of the Village area of North Arm Cove is to remain as the only waterfront location in coastal NSW without a trailer boat ramp. At least the Council is consistent having rejected all proposals for more than the last 40 years despite the fact that the need for this facility was the...

Significant costs cited!
dougkFri, 23/06/2017 - 1:33pm

The Council's Agenda for the meeting to be held at Gloucester on Wednesday 28 June has just been placed on line. ( http://www.midcoast.nsw.gov.au/Council/Council-Meetings )

The summary of the recommendations regarding a boat ramp at North Arm Cove is as follows:
1. Based on the report developed by RHDHV, and citing the significant costs and associated impacts of constructing a boat launching facility (specifically, a boat ramp) at Medina Bay, it is recommended that no boat ramp be constructed in this location.
2. That no publicly owned land within the Village Zone (RU5) of North Arm Cove...

dougkTue, 13/06/2017 - 10:56am

The following is the contents of a letter issued today by Council

Re: Proposed boat ramp at North Arm Cove

In 2016 Royal Haskoning DHV was contracted by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) with support from then Great Lakes Council to write a Boating Development plan for North Arm Cove. Development of a local boat ramp in North Arm Cove was the key component of this investigation.

The draft report and associated concept designs for two potential...

tonyhTue, 14/02/2017 - 10:16am

North Arm Cove Boating Development Plan
A response to a letter from property owners

These comments are in response to a letter written by two long-term Cove property owners about the Boating Now's feasibility study into a boat ramp and jetty in North Arm Cove.

The letter included a report on the suitability of Medina Bay and was addressed to Kate Washington with, I believe, copies to the MidCoast Council. It now appears that the letter is in open circulation in our community but without the report.


Boat ramp/Jetty Drop In!
dougkMon, 24/10/2016 - 12:01am

Over forty locals turned up at the Community Centre last Tuesday (18 October) to discuss with Royal HaskoningDHV their proposals for a Boat Ramp and Jetty at North Arm Cove. The consultants recorded pages of notes recording comments and suggestions from those who attended. Hopefully they also received many additional email submissions from members of our community before submissions closed on 23 October.

At the drop in session we learnt a little more about the options the consultants had proposed.


Previously they had reduced the boat ramp options to just two: Brackens Bay...

Boat ramp/Jetty Drop In!
dougkTue, 18/10/2016 - 6:40pm
Boat ramp/Jetty Drop In!

Do you want a BOAT RAMP in North Arm Cove?
Do you want a JETTY?

Responses to the Boat Ramp/Jetty plans are required NO LATER THAN 23 OCTOBER!
That is this SUNDAY, just a few days away.

We need as many locals as possible to email their views to PA1268@project.rhdhv.com

It doesn't have to be a big submission. It can, for example, just say what you prefer. But it is important that the Consultants have your views.

This is what we learnt today...

dougkThu, 06/10/2016 - 5:51pm

MidCoast Council has made the Draft Boating Plans for our region available on-line. The North Arm Cove ones are attached below ...

If you’re a boatie, kayaker, paddle boarder or just have a love for the water around this region, you’re invited to have your say on the boating infrastructure plan.

The Council team has been working in partnership with the NSW Government’s Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) on this project to proactively identify future boating requirements in the towns of Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest, North Arm Cove and Nerong. The investigation has been carried out



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