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janinerSun, 28/01/2018 - 9:30pm
Autralia Day

Thank you and congratulations to the YESS Committee, organisers of the Australia Day event at Heros Beach. There was a large crowd and we had a wonderful day. The weather was kind, not too hot, and the kids, big and small, enjoyed playing in the water. The sausage sandwiches were great and there was plenty of cheer and good will.

A few Cove residents continued celebrating into the evening by attending the fireworks at Karuah RSL at 9pm. If you like your fireworks up close without big crowds, then you would have enjoyed this event. You could feel the...

schWed, 26/02/2014 - 9:50pm

The Management Plan for Heros Bay Reserve came before yesterday's Council Meeting. The report showed that 56 submissions were received, 43 in favour of development,and 13 against. It contained the following recommendations for development :-

A layout similar to option Two; a playground; wharf/jetty or boardwalk facilities; additional plantings; improved drainage works; picnic/BBQ facilities; dinghy racks; no public toilets; no leash-free area. Council voted unanimously to approve it.

The recommendations basically reflect those items that people who responded to the Heros Beach survey saw as important. Now that the Plan...

schTue, 14/05/2013 - 1:21pm

Heros Bay Draft Master Plan – Take Action Today!

Most of you will remember being asked to fill out a survey for Great Lakes Council, indicating the importance of Heros Beach to you, and what improvements, if any, you would like to see there. As a result of you submissions, Council has prepared a Master Plan for the Reserve, which is now on public display. Submissions for this are open until 20 th June. There are two options shown which are indicative only, and can be “mixed and matched”. It is important that all members of...

Your views are needed!tonyhFri, 26/04/2013 - 8:18pm

Responses required by June 20!
The Heros Bay draft plans will remain on exhibition on Council's website only until 20 June:
Your comments on these plans must be with Council by 20th June at the latest! Full details on how to respond are on this website.

You will remember that NACRA conducted a survey on this website at the request of the Great Lakes Council early this year. The Council wanted to understand how the community feels about the future of Heros Bay. The survey was arranged because the GLC...

dougkMon, 04/03/2013 - 8:32am

Report on Heros Beach Survey

This web site hosted a survey on behalf of Great Lakes Council which is developing a long term plan for Heros Beach. The survey looked at: what we thought was special about Heros Beach; how we use the reserve now; and what we would like to see at Heros Beach in the future.

By the time it closed on 13 February, 48 survey forms had been completed representing the views of 63 Cove people. The following summary gives a brief overview of the outcomes.


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