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Locals tune in
dougkSun, 18/10/2015 - 7:25pm
The Myall Coast Entertainers cast thanking the crew

Radio NAC hit the soundwaves on Saturday (17 October) "local-casting" two radio plays to an enthusiastic audience. If you weren't at the Community Hall to tune in, then you missed an excellent (and hilarious) afternoon of entertainment.

The Myall Coast Entertainers became a travelling troupe, traipsing out to our Cove to deliver a matinee performance of their latest production - two radio plays - He Said and She Said and The Misused Mill Girl . Under the directorship of our own Elizabeth Deane (a.k.a. Elizabeth Hall) the cast of each play enthralled the audience. Villains were enthusiastically booed and hissed and there sighs of sympathy for those so malevolently misused.

New Start in Motion
tonyhThu, 16/07/2015 - 6:04pm
New Start

Stand aside Rolling Stones! Stand aside Beyonce!! (Did I spell that right?) Now we have our very own local heroes to blow your socks off! New Start. Witnessed by the author and hereby reviewed without fear or favour.

Today they performed to a packed Baptist Church Hall at Tea Gardens - 72 seats filled, standing room only with queues at the door.

So who is New Start? From Cove Boulevard, the ever youthful Jan "Mr Hendrix" Carter on lead guitar and his even youthfuller wife Susan on keyboard (with harmonious back-up vocals) - that's who. Together with Darrell...

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