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dougkSat, 19/11/2011 - 6:44pm

Great Lakes Council has recently placed on public exhibition a draft amended Development Control Plan, No. 31 - Subdivision.

The Plan is on exhibition for 28 days concluding on 16th December. Will it affect you?

The aim of the amendments is to clearly identify constraints associated with the subdivision of steeply sloped land and to ensure that newly created lots are of a sufficient size to accommodate dwellings, access driveways, water quality treatment measures, on-site sewage management systems and asset protection zones and to maintain the character and amenity of the village zone.

The draft...

dougkSat, 19/11/2011 - 5:07pm

The North Arm Cove website is moving into its final stages of development now. Much of the infrastructure necessary to support editors of the various North Arm Cove groups has already been put in place and it is probably time to ask those editors to beginning formulating their initial articles for the site.

The home page itself is dynamic with information such as weather being updated on an hourly basis. New forum topics and comments and updates to articles are also recorded on the front page. Some things are only visible if there is information that applies. For example,...

Burchardia umbellatadougkSun, 13/11/2011 - 2:12pm
Milkmaid flower

Walking through the North Arm Cove bush is spring is a delight with wildflowers everywhere. Purple flags abound. native orchids, flax lilies, travellers joy, leptospermum polygalifolium, a great many varieties of pea flower plus so many more flowers add their splash of colour to the bush. Pictured here are burchardia umbellata (milkmaids) and calandenia catenata (Lady Finger Orchid). These were found in the northern part of the Cove.

Have you some good wildflower photos from the North Arm Cove bush? Why not submit an article including a couple of your photos.

You can click on these pictures here...

Dimorphotheca ecklonisdougkThu, 10/11/2011 - 12:00am
Purple daisy

Amongst the wonderful wildflowers to be found in our bush are some less desirable imports: Sadly, you may encounter the accursed lantana. The purple daisy, Dimorphotheca (Osteospermum) ecklonis may look fine in a garden but it competes with local flora when it escapes into the bush. Fireweed may be found along roadsides and in previously cleared areas. Bitou bush (Chrysanthemoides monilifera) was once seen as a saviour of sand dunes before it was recognised as a dangerous pest.

Perhaps you have identified areas of infestation from these or other weeds in our bush? Let us know what you have...


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