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garrybMon, 12/11/2012 - 8:00pm

Just to let you know the slackest editor on this website is back on the job.....Moi. Always probing, ear to the ground, uncompromising, never letting the truth get in the way of a good story or lie and full of BS. 

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 18TH: It's ho ho ho time up at the hall. Be there at 12 noon or be square. There will be a Christmas Party BBQ. Mighty Mo (nacfaw) is going to buy the meat so please bring along some salads, deserts etc. Also bring along something you have written thats a bit Christmasy to read out. 

DOUBLE BUNGER BOOK LAUNCH: Congratulations to Margaret Wilson and Moira Hooper on the publishing of their books "FOOTPRINTS ON YOUR BED " and "THE DEAD DON'T TALK" respectively. Well done ladies. Serial book launcher and local MP Bob Baldwin will launch Moira's book and Bob Bush (poet exraordinaire) will do the deed for Margaret. The serious stuff starts at 12.30 pm at the launch pad, the Community Hall.

So yibbiddy yibbida, that's all folks for now. Don't forget monthly meeting 6.30 15th November at the usual place of assembleation.                                                         

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