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garrybMon, 17/12/2012 - 8:33pm

Dear Writicians,

The big book launch has come and gone. From reports I've received Marg and Moira's launch was a great success. Congratulations ladies on a wonderful effort. Once again girls my apologies for not attending but a family christmas thingo in Sydney got in the way. Lets check the number of books our little group (to be in known as for hereinafter as the Mighty Atoms of NACFAW) have published just for fun.

Garry Boyd 4, Bob Bush 4, Ron Stewart 1, Moira Hooper 1, Marg Wilson 1, Wayne Jarman 2,

Total:  13 and I know I'm into a 5th, Moira a second and Bob will no doubt come up with a fifth sooner or later. Think there are a couple of smokies in the group too. Suffering suckertash it's an epidemic.

Karuah Primary School Writing Competition.

The results of the recent competition have been decided. Congratulations to all the entrants who each showed great imagination in their stories. If you want to be a writer a vivid imagination is a most valuable asset. Each student has received a critique from the judges on their entry and these are the results.

First Prize $50 Sunset Book Shop Voucher: Hayley Robertson

Second Prize $30 Sunset Book Shop Voucher: Ngarie Farnsworth

Finalists Recognised: Tarah Myers, Damien Evans and Jacinta Landa who all received a certificate and pen for their efforts.

A tip from a fellow writer...check your spelling carefully.

Well done everyone.    


Bob Bush Shows How to Market His Poetry Books.

Our resident Poet Lauriate Robert the Bush continues to wow them at public engagements. I must check on how many reprints so far of "Larrikins" and his lastest " Bush Poet's Pen". He's a fine writer of Bush Poetry and an equally good performance poet, a fact I can testify to being present at a recent function where Bob strutted his stuff. The audience enjoyed it immensely and all I can say is great entertainment mate.   

Well gang, this may well be my last effort for 2012. I hope you have enjoyed the articles (infrequent as they have been) and will endeavour to do a better job in 2013. By the way anyone who would like me to put something of interest in the column of a literary nature let me know, For eample her Moness's excellent result in a recent Port Macquarie Writng Competition. A Highly Commended I believe, congrats your Moness.


Happy Christmas everyone, and best wishes to you and yours for 2013. How else could I finish but with...

                                                                THE END.


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