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garrybTue, 27/11/2012 - 9:20pm

Fellow Scribblers,

Well the Christmas Party has come and gone and a good day was it too. Heaps of food and some great poems / stories about Christmas.

That is all except two....recited by alleged mates who couldn't agree on what actually happened on the day an incident occurred which has become local folklore. People talk in hushed whispers, cover their mouth with hands and generally are in a state of disbelief...the unthinkable had happened...a Suzuki Vitara bogged, the unboggable bogged...I MEAN HOW GOOD"S THAT...takes skill to do that and in one of the poems read out by an eye witness titled "The FishingTrip" the drama of the day is relived. There on the beach, unable to move, fighting off repeated attacks by battalions of dingos, being straffed by squadrons of seagulls, a flotilla of great whites cruising offshore. The mate reached into his esky, no doubt searching for a hand grenade or two. What does he come up with...nothing but a Tooheys Blue...tasted like boar water. Still, the situation looked hopeless until this bloke who shall remain unanimous, I mean anonymous (is that anything like incognito). Went to Cognito once and rang up a friend, "where are you?" she says. "In Cognito" is the reply. She says 'oh cops looking for you again?"

Meanwhile back on the beach a 4 wd Prado has turned up and saved the day. But the mate who owns the unboggable writes a poem called "The Response" in which he claims he wasn't bogged at all. Look folkes, can you imagine another car bogged next to the unboggable and Paul Hogan walks up. He firstly looks at that car and says "that's not a bog"Then points to the ub (that's short for unboggable) and says "THAT'S A BOG!"

Anyway enough, I digress. Stay tuned for a third poem by the driver of the Rescue Vehicle Jim Rutter from the Ice Cream Shack. No the Shack does not provide a beach rescue service, this was a one off.

BOOK LAUNCH. Ok everyone, Saturday 8th December at 12.30pm Moira Hooper and Margaret Wilson will launch their first books. Moira's is a murder mystery novel and Margaret's a book of poetry. It takes a lot of work (believe me ) to write a book and these two ladies deserve a round of applause. Come on down to the Community Hall and join in the celebrations....and good luck with the books in the future girls.


I have...I knew a woman once who drove me to drink...and I never even thanked her.

HO HO Everyone...........HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A GREAT 2013



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