The 4 April NACCAi General Meeting is cancelled


bobreidSunday, 22 March 2020 - 9:49pm

Due to the coronavirus we have cancelled the NACCAi general meeting scheduled for 10am on Saturday 4 April.

At this meeting the Committee was planning to discuss the results of the constitution survey. Since we will not be able to do this, we will be preparing a report on the results of the survey and will post it on the website in about a week.

The next general meeting is scheduled for Saturday 13 June at 10am.

If members or residents have any queries or concerns about issues at North Arm Cove, please contact me at or use the "contact the committee" form on the website.

The Committee would like to wish all our residents the very best in these difficult times, and we hope that you all manage to stay safe and healthy.


Bob Reid, President NACCAi







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