Australia Day at the Cove


mpicklesSaturday, 6 February 2021 - 7:53am

The Community Centre Committee along with Stitch Gatherers were delighted with the outcomes of the Australia Day event at Heros Beach.

The Committee donated all the costs as appreciation to the community for thier support for the Centre.

Volunteers from the Commmittee and Stitch Gatherers were the troopers along with stall warts from the Community who put in annually to make this day a happy gathering.

This was the first event since Covid where we have been able to gather more people in one place to connect and share with a picnic and swim. Loal Conroy and John Fisk from the Community Centre Committee were the COVID safety officers who managed some challenges and ensured distancing was kept. 

Spots on the beach were highly coveted so next year there may be more planning to ensure everyone gets a chance to share the space with thier families and friends.

The event attracted visitors to the Cove, and many children enjoyed the games and sausage sandwiches.

The shape of Australia will change in the future, maybe there will be a different date and a way to celebrate with all Australians. In the meantime this is a great day for us in the Cove to share with family and friends, and we look forward to more days like this in the future.



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