A Change of Councils?


dougkSunday, 28 January 2018 - 2:43pm

"Councils" became a key topic at the recently-held January meeting of the Pindimar Bundabah Community Association (PBCA). Following discussions, the meeting resolved to investigate further whether a change of Council was possible for those villages and towns located on the northern shore of Port Stephens.

Many points were raised during the meeting. Once you step past the High Water Mark from the shoreline of our villages you are already in Port Stephens territory. A feeling was expressed that it was just common sense for the north-shore villages and towns to be under the same Council as those on the southern shore. It was suggested that many local interests and concerns are more aligned with Port Stephens - including such things as weather and fire warnings. The centre of focus of MidCoast Council is well to the north of Port Stephens and attending the Council headquarters or Council meetings is a major excursion for those living on its southern boundary. Port Stephens HQ on the other hand is much handier - in Raymond Terrace.

The possibility of a move to Port Stephens Council has been raised several times over the past few decades but ultimately residents were prepared each time to let the status quo remain - even when Stroud Shire Council became Great Lakes and when the HQ moved from Stroud to Forster. Despite local concerns and protests, people accepted that it was still essentially the same council. However the recent council amalgamation has changed all that. It is time now to seriously consider the options.

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