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ChrislynSat, 11/01/2020 - 1:59pm

Just a quick clarification on the statement at the end of Bob Reids Post...My name should NEVER have been on the Letter Printed in the Cove News stating that I would be standing down. I was not consulted by the Editor that my name would be printed and I had previously emailed the committee encouraging all to join with me to stand again. 

I sincerely hope to continue my involvement with the Association, hopefully for many years to come, if you'll have me? Yes, I do work full time and run my own business interest, so I do not have tonnes of time to sink into projects and meetings, but I certainly have the Community, Urban and Non-Urban, front and centre.

I want a Community Association that is Governed by a Constitution and Rules of Association that will stand the test of time. It needs to be embracing of the diversity of our demographic. I long for the abolition of "classes"...the them and us!

Just like any Town, Suburb, City we have unique diversities, that, in this day and age cannot and should not be segregated or discriminated against. Our diversities are not to be feared, on the contrary, talk to each other and you will quickly see we are blessed with a melting pot of Amazing people. I have witnessed people making too many assumptions about other people without the courtesy of first getting to know them. 

We have wealthy and highly educated Non-Urban owners and Pensioners renting waterfront homes. We have wonderful people carving a life for themselves in Sydney so that they can eventually retire to their Village Homes. We have non-urban and urban villages that risk their lives fighting fires to protect strangers RFS & SES members. We have lonely and invalid people living in their homes that need our help too.

We all chose North Arm Cove for our own personal reasons and I am Happy for each and every one of them. I encourage us all to be kind and respect each other. (World Peace hmmm one step at a time) 

We all hope that our Real Estate investment will be worth more than what we paid for it, and for that to happen, there will be changes...not all of the future proposed changes will be acceptable to the entire Community and that is why it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that we have an Association that is an OPEN Forum for discussion.

The Association is the Collective Membership NOT just a Committee. One word that the Sub-Committee for the Constitution did not include was "EXECUTIVE" The committee is just a committee appointed by the membership.

The Membership must never feel like it's voice is not heard. They must never feel that their Committee is not representing them fairly and honestly. The Committee is accountable to it's Membership, not the other way around. So, just to follow up on Tony Hanns comments I urge anyone who feels that Minutes are not representative of the context of the meeting to speak up. To my knowledge all Minutes of the previous Meetings have been accepted and seconded without question. So if there was ever an issue please bring it up, that's what that process is for.

I was honoured to be a part of the Constitution Sub-Committee but, I am definitely not the oracle that my counterparts Bob and Doug are. I am ever so grateful to them both for sharing their wisdom and doing their due diligence with Fair Trading and more to produce the document that formed the most part of what you now are asked to vote upon. I can assure you that the diligent work that Bob and Doug did was not out of any self interest it was for the best interest of the Community. 

However, the main thing that the Committee has proposed in the slightly revised version is the removal of classes. Otherwise it might, too closely, resemble the outdated and non-compliant 1992 version.

At the Committee Meeting that tweaked the most recent version of the Constitution, I eventually voted to agree with the recommended changes that Len Roberts had proposed because "he is independent and does not have a vested interest in the Community" That was the words that I used...three times. Not one person said "well actually he is not completely independent and he DOES have a vested interest in the wider map that has now been included. So I am now a very conflicted.

We need to get a Constitution over the line that will serve the IMPROVEMENT of our Community. Does this document deliver that? YES yes it does. 

I wanted Carrington included and I am not concerned by Goorengi Road and Hunterview properties, particularly, doesn't bother me at all. But the biggest thing I would change is the "Committee having the power to remove a Sub-Committee outside a General Meeting" If a Sub-Committee was to "Bring the Association into disrepute" then that is what discussion and mediation is for. Calling a Committee Meeting without the presence of the Sub-Committee to answer to claims is something I never want to be involved in ever again.

I urge everyone to consider the proposed Constitution on the grounds that it is a document that will carry the Association into the future. Please, please leave comments so that we can address those areas that people are unclear on, so that Compliance issues can be addressed and changes can be made that may serve the Community better. 

We need a Constitution that at least 75% of us can agree upon to pass so that we can move forward with the exciting prospects that await us. 

I can't wait to bury this divisive issue and put my limited time but huge enthusiasm into the things that really matter. There will be Elections at the February AGM and I am certainly looking forward to serving our Community the best I can with another Vibrant Committee 

In the Words of Japanese Organising Queen Marie Kondo, I am ready to move onto the things that "Spark Joy"

Lynette McKee (Treasurer) 

(from Bob Reids Post) 

Some final words

In a letter to the Cove News that was published in the November 2019 edition, four of the existing six members of the Executive Committee announced that for various reasons they would not be seeking re-election (for their positions). These elections are held as part of the Annual General Meeting, which is scheduled to be held on 8 February immediately after the Special Meeting to consider the proposed constitution.

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Lyn, In my minds eye you are the energy that any committee or organisation should welcome. You exude honesty,integrity,empathy enthusiasm and cheer
I admire any person who gets involved with their community whether it be Boy Scouts or the Country Womens Ass.
They all contribute something and are not always appreciated.
I noted that your comments began with the note that it was a short note.Man, if that was short note I'm glad I am not Mr McKee
Lyn, on my bended knee "please be our President"

Thank you Andy...yes, I should have deleted "short note" once I realised I couldn't shut up. Yes, Chris is a very patient man indeed, and probably has an internal mute button, I am well aware. He has mastered the art of Smile-and-Nod, Bless him.

Your comments are very kind and I am humbled that you took the time time write them. Thank you

I urge everyone to consider the New Constitution with the "Community Spirit" that it is intended to deliver. We are a tiny speck on this planet and we blessed to have such a passionate Community in such a magnificent part of the world.

I do not want to see "Classes" that divide us. As I said in my post I am lucky enough to have both a Residential Home and non-urban land, does that make me Bogan with Diamonds on the soles of my shoes?

There will always be issues that divide the Community, I just want a Constitution for this Organisation that best delivers a means of Public Discussion/Debate, the establishment of Sub-Committees to investigate & Report back findings for further Discussion/Debate, the establishment of Mediation, if should ever be required and, ultimately, Public voting, that is made fairly, with ALL the information at hand.

Chinese Whispers in our Community are more dangerous that the Chinese guy across the Cove. I cannot say it loud enough "Please consider the New Constitution with the solid, good intent it is written with"

I really want to be talking about something else in one month...I can assure you all.

And, for the record, I am way too green to be a President, but I will gladly stay on as Treasurer. The Best part of my Job is meeting all the Members and Welcoming New Members. I am grateful to Doug & Kath for nominating me and to the Community for accepting me. Thank you

I am in no doubt that your wishes for less division in our community will be welcomed by all of us. I have had my say about extending the membership of our association beyond the village. But we all must listen to what others are trying to say. And that means we need people like you with an open and fair mind on our committee. Keep going Lynette.

Thanks Tony.
I am so new at all of this. I am one of those annoyingly Enthusiastic people. I wear my heart on my sleeve so I truly want to find a Positive, Practical Solution to the roadblocks.
No-one is trying to do anything dishonest and self serving. That's why is is vitally important that we get as much feedback as we can muster.
When we all listen to one another that is when we will find our comfortable common ground.
Our New Constitution will be a guidebook that our Community will be proud of.