Council's Capital Works Program update


siriusSunday, 22 October 2017 - 7:44pm

You may not need a microscope but a magnifying glass is beneficial when searching for mentions of North Arm Cove in the Capital Works proposal presented to this week's Council Meeting.

In the report for September-November 2017, we find that construction and sealing of The Esplanade (East) is scheduled to occur this November. This project was allocated Federal "Roads to Recovery" funding back in 2014.

The five year Capital Works Program allocated $200,000 to implementation of the "NAC Drainage Strategy". A year by year breakdown is not specified. Half of those funds come from General Rates provision for Capital Expenditure. The remainder comes from the Drainage Levy that ratepayers in the Cove and some other parts of the Council area have been paying along with our rates for several years. The Cove Drainage Strategy, which was launched in February 2015, identified around eight major drainage problem areas around the Cove village area. The work at that time was estimated, conservatively, to involve expenditure of $600,000. So far work on just two of these area has occurred.


Inadequate drainage is damaging our roads. Just have a look at Cove Boulevarde near numbers 50 to 60. The water gets under the ashalt and causes pot holes. It is a case of a stitch in time saves nine. Since there is no concrete gutter, the western side of the road needs to be regularly graded to prevent water pooling and getting under the road pavement.

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