Draft of proposed NACCAi Constitution for review and feedback


bobreidSunday, 31 May 2020 - 3:12pm

In the April NACCAi community update the Committee advised that the next step in updating the constitution was to prepare another draft constitution for members to review. We have completed this draft and are issuing a copy for member review and feedback.

This proposed constitution is intended to replace the existing constitution that was developed in 1992 and is out of date and no longer meets the needs of the Association.

It is effectively an updated and modernised version of the 1992 constitution that incorporates:

  • the current NSW Department of Fair Trading Model Constitution requirements,
  • the results of the constitution forum and survey undertaken in February and March 2020, and
  • operating procedures the Association has instituted since it commenced in 1992.

As preferred by the majority of members, the proposal maintains the area for membership eligibility as being the North Arm Cove village.

To make it easy to see the key differences between the existing constitution and the proposed one, we have prepared and attached a document that summarises these key differences.

We have also attached a copy of the existing constitution for members to refer to if needed.

We are asking all members to review this proposed constitution and to provide feedback to the Committee on:

  • are you happy that the proposed constitution meets the needs of members,
  • would you vote yes for a Special Resolution to adopt this proposed constitution, and
  • what changes (if any) do you think are needed to this proposed constitution so it meets the needs of members?

Could you please send your feedback to naccai@northarmcove.nsw.au by Saturday 20 June. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

It is intended to present the final version of this proposed constitution to members for approval in a Special Resolution at the next normal NACCAi ordinary meeting, which hopefully will be on Saturday 8 August. However, we are going to explore the option of holding an electronic ballot to see if this may be a more efficient and inclusive alternative.

On behalf of your committee (Tim Nolan, Andy MacNaughton and myself), thank you for reading this and your feedback.

Regards, Bob Reid

Click here to download the PDF file. (Try shift+refresh if the file does not display above)Click here to download the PDF file. (Try shift+refresh if the file does not display above)Click here to download the PDF file. (Try shift+refresh if the file does not display above)

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