Enough is Enough - Please Stop


Jim ParnellTuesday, 28 January 2020 - 3:42pm

To all and sundry, let it be known that the current NACRA/NACCAi Executive did not create the current situation with constitution.  We inherited it -  Let me repeat that – We did not cause the current situation – previous/past leadership of NACRA are responsible.

These attacks on my fellow members need to cease.

Maria Pickles as well as secretary of  NACRA/NACCAi , is on the Hall committee, the garden group, attends the SARG group meetings with local council on the Cove’s behalf and is heavily involved in conservation in the Cove.

Lyn McKee works full time in a very busy role, travels over 2 hours a day to and from work, acts as treasurer and her and her husband Chris regularly collect  and take all the empty 10 cent bottles and cans donated to NACRA down to Medowie and process them, putting them thru the “Return & Earn” machine in Medowie and put the funds into NACRA/NACCAi's account.

Do you think it just and fair that these women are being attacked and subjected to public ridicule because their efforts or views do not conform to or are agreeable to some individuals in the Cove?

I know that the community members including myself did not volunteer for this abuse or to fix up the redundant constitution, we are just trying to do what needs to be done – with what has been lobbed on our plate.

Please just stop all this public display of vitriol – come to the meeting and try lets and find some common ground, put this all behind us and get on the with the job of improving facilities and life in the Cove.


Jim Parnell

President NACCAi

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“……..previous/past leadership of NACRA are responsible. These attacks on my fellow members need to cease.”
Well, well! So, it’s perfectly okay for our current president to put the blame on past NACRA leaders, but not okay for anyone to criticise the present committee and its leadership!!
Come off it, Jim.
We have never had a constitution problem before. The current constitution is current – just that. We have only had a constitution problem since it was decided by the current NACRA/NACCI exec to rewrite it last year. You “lobbed” the problem on your own plate.
And, (while I’m still boiling under the collar at your outrageous and patently misguided article), I don’t think the women (as you refer to your colleagues) are actually the issue regarding the many recent criticisms on this site.
Our community is not stupid. What we are witnessing is a fundamental breakdown in communication within the committee and with the membership. And Lynn and Maria have been left hanging out to dry. I believe they are probably working hard and doing their best to hold the fort without guidance under very difficult circumstances.
This is a leadership problem, Jim. Address it.
Signed “All and Sundry” (alias for Tony Hann)