It's Time to hang up the gloves...


ChrislynSunday, 15 March 2020 - 1:00pm

Hello to everyone that belongs to the Community of North Arm Cove,

This is a sad day for me as I announce that, yesterday, I notified the Community Association Committee that I am standing down, both as Vice President and Treasurer. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my tenure since Doug and Kath nominated me back in December 2018 and it has been meeting the Community that has bought me the most joy. Thank you to absolutely everyone, you have all made me feel so Welcome, I am very grateful that I could contribute in some small way.

I started with a vibrant New Committee Jim, Maria, Gayl, Trevor, Andy and Barry. You guys are amazing people; I am honored to have you all as my friends. Thank you.

It’s been great to work with Bob, Tim and Andy too. I am very grateful that Tim and Andy were kind enough to raise their hands, with only Bob and I nominated the Association was in peril. Thank you

As many of you know I enjoy meeting people and hearing their story. I am extremely tolerant of people from all walks of life and I prefer not to judge, although I don't care how people judge me, what you see is what you get. I certainly wear my heart on sleeve, especially when it comes to people being marginalised in our small Community.

I have had a crazy time getting my head around the pages of correspondence regarding the Oyster Sub Committee and it was great to attend the Public Forum that put everyone in the same room. I, like most people that day, walked away from that feeling very happy that there were great grounds to build a cohesive relationship upon.

Then the long lost, 28 year old Constitution was bought to life. I proudly volunteered with Doug and Bob to assess and draft a New Constitution for our now newly named "Community Association" Obviously, I am not as clever as those guys, so they did the wordsmithing, but I was very proud of the Document that was presented in December. Unfortunately, there was confusion on the day about whether we were voting for the new one or the old one and some of the clauses needed tweaking so the vote fell just short of the 75% that was required.

Since then that document has been thrown out altogether, and I have just been made aware that there is only going to be updates to the old constitution recommended, rather than something more in line with the Model Constitution that the Association had been working from for years.

I know my recommendation for the continuing inclusion of Non-Urban owners as Members of our Community Association didn't sit well with everyone but they have been wonderful participants, regularly attending all of our General Meetings. They are not outspoken and disruptive and they greatly appreciated the acceptance of a Non-Urban sub-committee that would give them a basis to organize their objectives and Report to the Community. This was a win-win for the Community because we now have a portal for open dialogue between us on what discussions they are having with peer bodies, etc.

So, in short, I misunderstood the closed group that was meant to contribute to the Survey that has been recently reported on at the last meeting, posted on this website and letterbox dropped to all residents in the cove.

Despite the questions are you a financial member yes/no and do your own non-urban land yes/no this survey was “only” meant to be filled out by current financial members eligible to vote under the 1992 constitution. So when I posted it on the Non-Urban Facebook page I, inadvertently, corrupted the data. Fortunately, all is not lost, all responses from Wednesday that are obviously not Financial Residents of the Village can be deleted/dismissed.

For this, I am very sorry.

I am also sorry that I no longer have the energy to participate with the Association that doesn’t recognise the benefits of including the property owners in the whole North Arm Cove area. This is especially important when applying for funding or needing a voice against developments like a quarry or Fame Cove.

I have been looking forward to the fun General Meetings that I enjoyed at the start to return but we have been so bogged down in “issues” that the joy of doing something really constructive is just not possible.

Despite my long work days I still want to contribute to this Community I call home. Hopefully, there will be a more light hearted way that I can mingle with all you great people? Gardening, maybe Landcare? For now I going to practice sleeping more than 4 hours a night and dry my tears so that I can light up the day with a smile instead.

Thank you to everyone for your Heart warming support. I am very grateful and look forward to whatever the future holds.

My Warmest and most Sincere Regards

Lynette McKee