MidCoast Council draft policies on barking dogs and open burning


bobreidFriday, 26 August 2022 - 9:09pm

MidCoast Council has released draft policies on barking dogs and open burning for community review and feedback.

Both of these issues can cause concern and nuisance in North Arm Cove so residents are encouraged to read these draft policies and provide Council with feedback on them.

Draft barking dog (animal noise) policy

Barking dogs can be a serious problem, and they can cause annoyance, stress and loss of sleep. 

Council is committed to facilitating lasting resolutions between individuals where animal noise is having a detrimental impact on community relationships. The intent of the policy is that individuals with an animal noise grievance will take reasonable steps to resolve issues directly with the owner of an animal before reporting it to Council for investigation and enforcement. The policy encourages private parties for a barking dog complaint to consider mediation or alternative dispute resolution via Community Justice Centres to find a resolution to the matter.

The draft policy can be found at the following link: Draft barking dog policy

Draft control of open burning policy

This policy applies to all properties in the MidCoast region.

It's intent is to manage excess dead and dry vegetation where the vegetation cannot reasonably be disposed of through Council’s green waste service (where available) or mulching on-site, while prohibiting burning of other waste types. Provisions provided under the Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2021 in conjunction with this policy aim to ensure that burning is conducted safely and in a way that minimises smoke impacts.

Under this policy all open burning of vegetation on properties within the North Arm Cove village, and on properties that are greater that 4,000 metres in area in the North Arm Cove non-urban land, will require an application to and approval from Council.

The draft policy can be found at the following link: draft open burning policy

Council would like feedback on these draft policies by 4:30pm on Wednesday 5 October 2022.

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