More on the Beauty Point desecration


bobreidWednesday, 10 November 2021 - 9:39pm

Beauty Point rubbish

Further to Bushman's blog entry on the vandalism at Beauty Point on Saturday night/Sunday, I have added a few photos to illustrate some of the mess.

It was really disgusting what was done and the rubbish that was left there. As well as the rubbish, the "grubs" that did the damage also broke a large branch off our 200 year old fig tree.

We found some information that may help us identify the culprits with police assistance. I heard that as well as the vehicles on Beauty Point, there were also a number of vehicles parked along Promontory Way next to Brackens Bay. 

If anyone saw these vehicles parked on Promontory Way or those that were at Beauty Point or down on Brackens Bay, please let us know any details you can or even better rego numbers.

If you have a dash cam and drove past when the vehicles were parked or coming in and out, please have a look and see if there are any rego numbers we can provide the police.

We need to send a strong message to these people that they are not welcome here!

The people that did this - who we believe may have come from Gloucester - should be ashamed of themselves. I bet they wouldn't be game to do this in their own backyard!


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