Prairie Nymphs are popping up all over the Cove


bobreidTuesday, 17 November 2020 - 9:05pm

Prairie Nymph (Herbertia lahue)

In the past week lots of small purple flowers have been popping up in lawns all over the Cove.

These flowers are commonly called Prairie Nymphs - scientific name Herbertia lahue. They flower around about now, and this year they seem to be quite prolific.

They are small, only a few centimetres wide and a few centimetres high, with three prominent outer petals, and three tiny inner petals, with complex patterning in the centre.

They are a member of the iris family from Chile and Argentina, and are called "Prairie Nymph" in the southern US states.

When I was taking some close up photos of them this morning I couldn't help noticing that the native bees love them, buzzing from flower to flower and loading themselves up with bright yellow pollen.


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