Press One to be Scammed!


dougkWednesday, 30 January 2019 - 4:35pm

They must be doing it really tough down there in the nether world of cheats, con artists and blaggards.

Have you noticed that the quality of scam phonecalls has hit an all time low? If I have to I leap out of my comfy chair seven times in two days to answer the same scam NBN phonecall, the very least I expect is an actual human being on the other end of the line.

A real person may be simply following a script. They may be just one scammer's assistant of many coralled in the same call centre, who knows where - each one of those callers trying to entice gullible innocents to hand over passwords and bank account details.

But when those scam callers were human, you could choose to waste their time in conversation. You could warn them of the folly of their ways. You could tell them they risked massive fines or lengthy gaol sentences. Or you could simply hang up.

Whichever way, there was some small sense of satisfaction that, at the other end of the line, there was a real, live recipient of your symbolic act of rejection. That warm inner feeling compensated, just a little, for their unwanted intrusion into your life.

But robo scam calls?

Robocalls are a bit of a turn-off even when they are not scams. Robots do not have feelings. They don't care about gaols or fines. They don't care when you hang up. So you get no warm inner feeling when you do. As the Rolling Stones might say " You can't get no satisfaction".

Nevertheless, if a robot does call you saying they are from the NBN and you will be disconnected from the Internet unless you press one for a technician, don't waste your breath, JUST HANG UP. 

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