TV Upgrade Update


dougkFriday, 11 December 2015 - 11:09am

Stage 2 of the Gan Gan TV transmission upgrade took place yesterday (Thursday 10). Early assessments suggest that combined impact of the two changes has significantly improved the quality of the received signal in the Cove. In theory the changes should have produced a 6dB improvement and it seems that, in practice, something around that level has been achieved

The signal quality will of course still vary with changes in weather conditions but, from my own testing, things so far are looking good. I have seen the biggest improvement in NBN28 which previously was the worst performing channel but is now received with a high signal. For me, ABC30 showed the least improvement after the second upgrade but the signal is still in the good-to-very-high range and quite acceptable for viewing. Results are likely to be different in other parts of the Cove. Let me know if you have seen similar improvements or if the signal is no better than before.


My early enthusiasm for the upgrade success has been rather dashed this afternoon with frequent total loss of signal on nbn28! Meanwhile other channels remain fine.

  ps  At a later time it is ABC30 that suffers the signal drop-out problem. The problem may be caused by reflected signals interacting with the main signal. Although the signal strength has been increased - the reflected signal is also stronger. These interactions can produce alternating horizontal layers of strong and weak signal strength.

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