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tonyhThu, 26/04/2018 - 3:25pm

This email, sent from Donna Hudson, Coordinator Communications & Stakeholder Management at MidCoast Council, is follow up information to the report Tea Gardens Drinking Water Okay on this website dated 20/2/2018. Regards, Gary Sylvaney, President, NACRA.


Following recent media we would like to provide clarification and more information around the alleged activities in Tea Gardens. It would be appreciated if you could share this information with others in the Tea Gardens / Hawks Nest community.


We are aware of community concerns in relation to alleged activities being undertaken on the 112 Viney Creek Road site in Tea Gardens, and we are working with other State government departments on an investigation, particularly to identify the best approach moving forward. This is a complex investigation due to the nature of the alleged activities and the relevant legislations involved. While we may not be the lead investigative agency or have jurisdiction, we are continuing to work with the State departments (providing staff and investigation resources).

Recent water testing of surface water undertaken at the site, at the end of February, found a low ph of 4.02 which could have an impact on Monkey Jacket Creek and further downstream on marine life.

This is not affecting the drinking water supply. The domestic (drinking) water supply is safe as it goes through a rigorous process and is regularly tested to ensure it meets the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. The team at Water Services will continue to monitor the water quality in the area.

Also, a reminder the next community meeting for Tea Gardens is scheduled for 6pm Monday 7 May at the Tea Gardens Baptist Church. If you would like to see the full schedule or more information please follow this link  We look forward to seeing you there.




"Recent water testing - - - found a low ph of 4.02."

According to comparative tables found after googling ‘ph scale’, readings of 3 to 4 are shown as ‘Adult fish die’ while those of 4 to 5 equate to ‘Fish reproduction affected’. Presumably an alkaline agent is being/will be added to the towns` supply to create a ph neutral but adulterated product.

Exposure and/or leaching of acidic peat soils is looked on as a serious matter elsewhere, even more so if there is any possibility of human ingestion. Instead we get a soporific, Bjelke-Peterson style ‘Don`t you worry about that’ response, on a par with their anodyne utterances when this kicked off last year.

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