Proposed changes to parking habits at the Community Centre

mpicklesSun, 06/09/2020 - 1:35pm


The Community Centre Management Committee has responded to requests from the community to improve the surrounds of the Centre and use the parking spaces that were built in 2017.

Residents may recall that in 2017 Doug Kohlhoff the President of then NACRA lead a project to establish a Community Precinct including plans and the making of Yallwarah Park and improvements for parking around the community centre.

The Centre Committee now proposes to implement the plan made un 2017 where all users of the Centre park at the back. This means that bollards will be placed between the Centre and the driveway to block off the existing parking area. Signage will need to be installed to alert users that cars should be driven from the northern entry and exiting along the south exit.

There will be a drop off zone at the front of the centre and this area will be rehabillitated.

The main reasons for this change are;

  • to increase the safety of young children using the playground equipment adjacent to the hall - reducing competition with parking activity.
  • to make the area more amenable for use by families for picnics and other activities.
  • to proect the exisiting plants and trees.
  • to use the parking bays built in 2017 and stop the deteriortation of this area.

Any comments or suggestions by individuals or groups will be considered by the committee in implementing this new arrangement. 


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