Hall & Community Centre

Cutting the cake
dougkSun, 16/10/2016 - 10:45pm

There were three hearty cheers at the North Arm Cove Community Centre this afternoon (Sunday October 16) when the community celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the Centre's opening. Visitors and previous residents of the Cove came from near and far to join the festivities.

dougkSun, 14/08/2016 - 11:01pm

The Cove's Community Centre (also known as "The Hall" ) is so much part of the fabric of our village that it is now hard to imagine the Cove without it. That we have our Hall today is thanks to the foresight and several years effort back in the 1990s by a group of enthusiastic and energetic members of the then North Arm Cove Progress Association (now called Residents Association). Let's celebrate that achievement.

The North Arm Cove Community Centre Management Committee
( S355 committee of Mid Coast Council )

dougkMon, 16/05/2016 - 3:03pm

Excellent news just received (Monday May 16) that the Hall Committee has been successful in its grant application for a Volunteers Small Equipment Grant. This will provide $5,000 for a "commercial" dishwasher for the North Arm Cove Community Centre


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