Agenda for the Community Forum, AGM and General Meeting Saturday 8 February

mpicklesThu, 06/02/2020 - 7:46am


Consultation Forum on the NACCAi Constitution

Note that this forum has been arranged following concerns and issues raised in the last months on the proposed Constitution.


10 am – 11.00 am approx

Welcome Jim Parnell

Brief introduction

Main Discussion points.

1.            Locality / Village/ Urban Non Urban

2.            Membership

3.            Committee composition

4.            Voting – how can we manage perceived differences and fears.

5.            Quorums

6.            Number of meetings

7.            Other issues/comments

8.            Survey – Doug and Bob


11.15 Morning Tea


11.40 am Annual General Meeting

Presidents Report

Reports from Treasurer, Sub Committees.

Elections chaired by Jim Parnell

 Nominations : There are only two committee nominations members are encouraged to nominate for roles of Secretary and Committee Members and Public Officer

Bob Reid – Nominated as  President

Lyn Mckee Nominated for Vice President and Treasurer.

There will be no proxies as these nominations can be accepted by the Committee and the Association.

General Meeting to be conducted by the new committee.

Draft Minutes of the 7 December - previously posted and attached again here.Draft minutes 7 December 2019.pdf

Business Arising

Community Plan to be discussed.


MCC Traffic Committee will be making assessments of speed areas, safety considerations, signage including updates and new signage for both speed and wildlife in 2020. Date to be set.

Invitation from MCC on new Zoning - post on this website.

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