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Your input is needed!dougkFri, 20/03/2015 - 6:28pm

In 2015 you would think that all parts of Australia should have access to good communication services. But, do all residents of North Arm Cove have good access to mobile phone coverage and reliable TV, Radio and Internet? It certainly appears that some don't - but we need more details. If you live in the Cove we would like you to complete a short survey. Whether you have perfect reception and connectivity or not we need to know. It will give us a better grasp on the extent of the problems and how they may be addressed.

Did you know that the Government's MySwitch website says of North Arm Cove ...

  • This is a moderate predicted coverage area.
  • You may have difficulties receiving some or all digital channels.
  • You may see regular pixelation on some of the digital channels.
  • Some digital channels may also freeze or become unavailable for long periods of time!

Is that your experience? Has your TV reception declined since the “retuning” required last year? Do you wander around the house or go outdoors looking for a mobile signal? Can you pick up ABC radio 1233 – the station that we are meant to listen to in case of emergencies?

Or is everything fine for you?
Whatever the case, we do need your responses.

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If you can complete the survey by 8 April that would be great as it will enable a preliminary analysis before our federal MP Bob Baldwin's visit to the Cove on 11 April, 10am at the Community Hall. But even if you miss that deadline we still need your responses as soon as you can.

A summary of results from this survey will be published on this website.



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